inProcess Software User Training

Participants will be given an overview user training on the most current version of the inProcessapplication and website. Students will be provided with user manuals, and will be trained on best practices of navigating, viewing processes and documentation, searching the database and generating user reports. This course is preferable for any new users of inProcessto fully comprehend and utilize the many features and functions of the software.


  • Restricted “Training Only” temporary user licenses (6) for students, as needed
  • All Materials: User Manuals, Classroom materials, etc.
  • Overview training (in-brief) for all trainees
  • Individualized training for all identified trainees (within slated time period)
  • Debrief of training results to client’s quality project lead
  • Support contact cards for all trained individuals

Duration: 6 hours

Size: 6 Students Max

Customized Training

Euroclydon offers a wide range of process improvement services to help you change the way you do business, reduce waste, save time and eliminate errors.  We focus on using the best applicable tools from industry, especially Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, to assist our clients to transform their business processes.  Companies have saved billions of dollars by implementing these methodologies over the years, most notably Toyota (Lean) and GE (Six Sigma).  Lean methodology focuses on reducing waste and decreasing cycle time.  Lean uses tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Just-in-Time inventory, Quality Function Deployment and Kaizen events.  Six Sigma focuses on reducing variation and errors within a process (rejects, returns, waste, etc.).  Six Sigma follows the five steps of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) to drill down into a process to solve root causes.  Tools such as Process Mapping, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Data Plans, statistical tools (histograms, Pareto charts, regression analysis, hypothesis testing), Fishbone diagrams and solution matrices are all tools used in Six Sigma projects.  Euroclydon incorporates both methodologies to first get rid of waste to increase speed and then reduce errors and variation.

  • Euroclydon can tailor training for your employees to apply these methodologies to your environment.
  • We can help you to deploy these methodologies within your organization and make process improvement part of your culture.
  • We can assist you to establish process improvement teams and coach/mentor them through projects at many different levels.
  • The results:  A culture change within your organization seeking to improve every process to increase speed, reduce waste, eliminate errors and delight your customers.
  • Our process improvement team stands ready to assist you on your road to delight customers and establish a culture of continuous improvement.

Process Mapping 101

This comprehensive workshop teaches participants how to systematically break down complex business processes into smaller elements, how to effectively and efficiently map the processes, define process metrics, and improve overall process performance. Participants will learn how to identify disconnects in their processes and how to improve cycle-time, cost, and resource allocations. There are no prerequisites for this course; participants will learn the skills at a comfortable level.

Course will be taught by 2 Lean Six Sigma Professionals

Duration: 6 Hours

Size: Maximum 25 Students

Save Money

Building quality, efficient processes will save time, resources and money.

Continuous Improvement

Business Process Management builds the framework to create strategic alignment, measure business processes using metrics aligned with business goals, and identify performance gaps that have a major impact on the customer experience and on achieving desired business results. The methodology implements a Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) mind set to prioritize these projects and close the gaps.